Introducing our Second Swiss Cook, Alex Brown

Introducing our Second Swiss Cook, Alex Brown

Our second Swiss Cook Alex is working for Powder Byrne in Flims this season. Continuing the theme of helping you to get to know our Powder Byrne resort staff, we had a chat with Alex and found out what he loves most about cooking, skiing and Swiss ingredients.

Where did you learn to be a chef and what drew you to the career?

I learnt to be a chef during my previous job in a hotel where I found it easy to observe and practice and picked up a number of the crucial skills I use today. I also undertook work experience as a chef while in school, which is where my passion started and it grew from there.

Where have you previously worked?

I’ve worked at a variety of restaurants and hotels in the UK each having a different environment which helped me pick up a number of skills and meet some great people along the way. I have also worked as a chef for a ski company in France, so working as a chef for Powder Byrne is perfect for me.

What do you enjoy making the most or would call your signature dish?

I thoroughly enjoy cooking fish and game from whichever area I am working in. I love how you are able to create so many different dishes with these proteins, each with a variety of flavours.


What ingredients could you not live without?

I’d have to say butter. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t use it in one of my dishes. It’s a definite necessity in my books.

Who or what has had the biggest influence on your cooking and your approach to food?

My peers in the kitchen are my biggest influencers. I learn so much from watching them create their dishes and they’re my go-to for advice.

Do you enjoy cooking with local Swiss ingredients? How do they differ from the ingredients back home in the UK?

I enjoy cooking with any local produce, its fresh and always nice to learn about new ingredients I can incorporate into my food. The products do not actually differ much from what is available in the UK. However, there is a huge variety of cured meats and sausages and therefore I use them a lot more than I would in the UK.


What’s your favourite dish to cook at home while you’re relaxing?

When I rarely get a Sunday off work, I like to be traditional with a nice roast and either some delicious beef or chicken and of course a nice fluffy Yorkshire pudding. Failing that, pizza is my go to!

How you do unwind in the evenings, what do you like to do?

A trip down to the Laax Freestyle Centre to unwind with my skateboard is an ideal evening for me and the perfect place to practice my tricks.

What’s your idea of a perfect ski day?

Blue skies without a cloud in sight, lots of fresh untouched powder, and not a piste in site. I like to take myself off and enjoy the peacefulness of a few tree runs.


What’s your favourite mountain lunch?

A nice bratwurst with a glass of red, followed by a germknödel, you simply can’t go wrong with this and it gives me the energy I need to shred in the afternoon.

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