How We Hire the Best

How We Hire the Best

Year after year, the most common feedback we get from our clients is about our fantastic staff and the brilliant job they do. This isn’t just by chance – a lot of thought, time and training goes into ensuring all of our resort teams live up to the promise we make to our clients. Our HR & Operations Assistant, Emily, tells us more about how we get it right.


Last winter, we received over 800 applications for our 50 winter positions. With such a high volume of candidates to choose from, we're able to hand pick the individuals we know will fit the Powder Byrne ethos best and be capable of delivering a fantastic holiday experience for our clients. In all of our winter staff, we look for a passion for customer service, a love of working with children, the right attitude and work ethic and, of course, a passion for the mountains.

Many of our staff return year after year and around 40% of applicants have been recommended by our previous staff members or have previously traveled with us, meaning many have strong knowledge of PB and what is required of them before they even reach training. 


All successful candidates attend a group interview session, followed by a one-on-one interview, which gives us the chance to truly get to know and form good relationships with our resort teams, as well as giving the staff the opportunity to gain an understanding of how our UK-based Operations team works.

All of our staff receive extensive training in London as well as once in resort, not only on the delivery of the Powder Byrne product but also getting to know the ins and outs of their resort. The excellent relationships we have built with suppliers and locals mean they gain knowledge of the best restaurants, the quietest slopes, and where to find the best rosti so that we can be sure our clients have the very best experience.


Choosing and training the right people makes working in resort a fantastic experience

“I genuinely think I had the best week I have ever spent in the mountains. Possibly ever. The work was demanding and challenging but also incredibly rewarding and fun. None of it would have been possible without the support of the full season staff and everyone in London who worked tirelessly to ensure that things ran smoothly. I had an amazing time and made friends for life, so thank you!” - Olly Douglas


And it is vital in delivering unforgettable holidays for our clients

“It was a wonderful, seamless holiday. Extraordinary support from the whole Powder Byrne team.” – Arosa, Easter 2018

“Excellent service made our holiday! Reason to come back is the standout staff members.” – Lenzerheide, March 2018

“Everything about the culture and set up of the company is first rate. The Zurs team were quite outstanding” – Zurs, Easter 2018

“The PB team in resort were - as expected - the epitome of efficiency. Ski guiding was pitched at exactly the right level and all were helpful and attentive.” –  Flims, Easter 2018

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