Sailing in Elba: Interview with Our Instructor

Sailing in Elba: Interview with Our Instructor

We recently launched our exciting new concept for the summer, Learn Together, and it’s all about unforgettable family experiences. Families are placing less and less focus on where they go and more importance on the inspiring and enriching experiences they can enjoy while on holiday.

Of course, our clients can expect the loveliest hotels in the most beautiful locations, but now they can also enjoy learning a new sport together with their private instructor and all the healthy competition, fun, and laughter that it entails.

The Learn Together programmes are surfing, scuba, sailing, polo and cycling across a range of our incredible European resorts. All programmes are totally flexible but we generally recommend morning sessions with your instructor before enjoying a more laid back afternoon back at your hotel.

We chatted to our expert Learn Together Sailing instructor in Elba about this unique programme, which takes place in the perfectly protected Naregno Bay, about half an hour from the hotel by PB shuttle.


1.     Why is Elba such a great place to sail?

Elba is an ideal place to learn to sail because the wind conditions are perfect: always windy enough to sail but it is very rarely too strong.  The protected bay is especially good for beginners to learn before venturing out further and mornings are generally calmer, which is perfect when starting out.


2.     What techniques will beginners learn and what should their aim for the end of the week be?

Beginner sailors will be able to sail alone without any trouble by the end of the week, given the conditions are relatively easy. We'll teach you all the techniques and then you'll have plenty of time to practice under our guidance during your holiday.  


3.     What can advanced sailors expect to learn during morning sessions?

Our instructors have extensive experience and are excellent at providing subtle and easily-implemented corrections that make a big impact on performance. Being with you in the boat while you practice means the instructor can observe closely to offer advice that will help the most. To give an example, more advanced sailors will learn techniques like following the wind easily when it is very variable in its direction and intensity, meaning you'll be more comfortable sailing in any conditions.


4.     What boats do you offer?

For adult beginners, we generally use RS Quba Boats, while for more advanced adult sailors we recommend  Laser or RS Vision boats. For children beginners, the Laser Pico or RS Tera boats are best, and the laser 4.7  or Optimist boats for advanced children. Our boats are all meticulously maintained to ensure the best possible experience.

5.     What do you love most about being a sailing instructor?

When I get to teach people to sail and introduce them to the sport I am so passionate about, there is nothing more rewarding! I especially love teaching families because sailing is the most fantastic sport for families to bond over.

To find out more about our unique Learn Together programme and sailing in Elba, call 020 8246 5300 or click here.