My Perfect Ski Day By Pippa Cornock

My Perfect Ski Day By Pippa Cornock

Pippa Cornock is our new Marketing Executive and like everyone at Powder Byrne, she is of course a keen skier! With the new ski season just days away, Pippa has written a blog about her perfect ski day.

Waking up to a glorious mountain view and the thought of a day on the slopes ahead is the only time I find an early wake up enjoyable.  A hearty breakfast is a must to kick start the day, fuelling up for the day ahead.

Aiming to be on the first lift before 9am to avoid the ski school rush hour and maximise your skiing time is essential and key to taking advantage of the early morning empty slopes.


A few gentle runs to start the morning and ease into your skiing legs is my favourite way to start the day. With the slope to yourself, a fresh layer of powder and the crisp morning air, these are the ultimate ingredients for an exceptional morning on the slopes.

The sugar craving starts to kick in mid morning and indulging in a hot chocolate is always the solution, yet somewhat tricky to drink when loaded with cream, marshmallows and chocolate shavings. Although the real challenge is recreating the alpine hot chocolate at home, why do they always taste so much better at altitude?

Feeling energized and full of sugar, a slightly more challenging ski to lunch is in order. Making fresh tracks through the powder and raising the heart rate on a few off piste runs certainly starts the tummy rumbling for lunch. A few pit stops en route is a must, taking shots of the stunning scenery and creating memories for a lifetime. The icing on the cake is when your other half come photographer snaps an awesome action shot of you mid descent, something you can proudly parade around the table at lunch.


Enjoying a nice long lunch with breathtaking mountain views and exquisite alpine cuisine is next on the agenda for my perfect ski day. Great food, views and company makes for the optimum lunch break. Alongside analysing the most important achievement being tracked through the week - who has the top speed on the ski tracks app, inevitably exposing everyone’s competitive streak and stimulating heated conversations over a delicious rosti.


A short afternoon followed by a gluhwein or two at après with live music and dancing on the tables is the ideal way to end the day knowing you only have to ski a short distance back to the chalet.

A long hot bath to relax the aching skiing muscles before a divine supper with good wine and great company is the ultimate way to end a perfect day on the slopes. Winding down entranced by the flames flickering in the fire toasting your feet, dreaming of doing it all over again tomorrow.

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