San Cassiano’s Constellation Has Two New Michelin Stars

San Cassiano’s Constellation Has Two New Michelin Stars

San Cassiano’s already impressive constellation of Michelin Stars is shining brighter than ever thanks to the two new stars that were awarded recently in a glittering ceremony.

Norbert Niederkofler of the St. Hubertus Restaurant at the Rosa Alpina Hotel was awarded a very well deserved third star and Matteo Metullio of the La Siriola restaurant at the Ciasa Salares Hotel was recognised with his second star. That makes five Michelin Stars in one charming little ski village so it’s needless to say that this is any food lover’s ideal destination.


The nearby La Stüa de Michil restaurant at Hotel La Perla, home to chef Nicola Laera, was also awarded its first star, so there are now six Michelin Stars within a 15km radius in the Alta Badia region.

Norbert Niederkofler, who was born in South Tyrol, is one of only nine Italian chefs to have had the honour of being awarded three stars. The St. Hubertus Restaurant started as a small portion of what was a pizzeria at the time and has evolved into a cutting-edge establishment (still with only 11 tables) that draws in discerning diners in their droves. His philosophy is to use only the finest local ingredients and flavours and the effect is sublime.


Matteo Metullio was discovered by Niederkofler and spent four years working for him at St. Hubertus restaurant. He’s passionate about incorporating interesting international ingredients into his dishes and is a big fan of game so meats such as rabbit, quail and deer often feature on the menu.

All three chefs are part of the Gourmet Ski Safari, which gives skiing and gourmet cuisine enthusiasts have the opportunity to get to know Alta Badia's Michelin-star chefs better and to taste their creations in a variety of quaint mountain huts. The event is held once a year, normally in December. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy all the best of the local cuisine.


San Cassiano is not only known for its exceptional cuisine but also its breathtaking beauty and incredible skiing.

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