A Guide to Advanced Skiing in Flims

A Guide to Advanced Skiing in Flims

The ski region of Flims Laax Falera offers visitors some of the best skiing in the alps and, while beginners are perfectly catered for with plenty of gentle runs, the region comes into its own with its exceptional advanced skiing, with a variety of yellow ungraded but secured runs, and challenging black runs, as well as adventurous off-piste and ski touring options. This region’s 240kms of runs keep any skier enthralled and with 70% of runs over 2000m, it is very snow-sure.

A favourite run to get back in the swing of things at the beginning of the holiday is the flowing 12km, mostly red stretch from La Siala to Flims via Grauberg. It’s a wonderful non-stop run and not to be missed. 

The longest non-stop run in the area is the 14km stretch from the Vorab Glacier to Flims but, with lots of traversing, its not a must during your holiday.

To test your legs on a black, begin with the lovely wide run from the Vorab Glacier to Lavadinas (run 35) and progress to the more challenging black that runs west from La Siala to Sogn Martin (run 65). This run was the racecourse for the FIS World Cup in which Martin Bell and many other champions competed. 

There are some very memorable red runs in the area. One of our favouritesis the North-facing run 42 from Crest La Siala towards Plaun, which means “flat” in Romansh. Also try to lovely run from La Siala to Grauberg (Run 10).

The lifts in Flims Laax Falera are also something to experience. If you thought waiting in a chairlift was the one downside of skiing, think again. The lift from Scansinas to Mutta Rotunda was designed by Porsche and features wonderfully comfortable seats that are heated to ensure you have a cosy ride to the top, a “panorama mode” where seats swivel 45 degrees in order the offer the best views and even solar panels, making this the world’s first green ski lift. 

The yellow runs of the area offer a wonderful opportunity to ski on ungraded slopes with the knowledge that they are marked and secured, so that risk of avalanches is controlled and there’s no chance of an unexpected cliff ahead. There are two great yellow runs from La Siala: run 81 to Grauberg (nicknamed “ofen”, meaning oven) and Sur Crap, run 76, towards Sogn Martin. There is also a great yellow run from Vorab Glacier towards Forcula called Vorab Pign (run 77) but reaching the run requires skiing  the first part of the black run 35 and then, at the saddle, walking to the start of the yellow (about a 10 minute walk). 

For even more adventure, a local guide can lead you on some off-piste and mountaineering tours. A one-hour hike to Cassons using skins provides access to an otherwise untouched area.  There used to be a lift here but now the area is dedicated to powder-loving skiers who aren’t afraid of a climb. Another great option, without the hiking, is to catch the ski lifts to the Vorab Glacier and follow your expert guide to Glarus. The big white expanse on the right of the piste map, above Naraus, is a UNESCO world heritage site Sardona and the nine peaks of the Tschingelhörner. The unique appeal of this tectonic area is that the process of the new mountain being created can be witnessed. The area is equally good for summer hiking as it is for winter touring as it is not very steep. 
Powder Byrne offers complimentary off-piste mountain guiding with a local guide once per week in Flims Laax Falera in order to explore the off-piste areas safely.

For those in search of a true adrenaline rush, heli-skiing can be arranged, however this is not the best resort for it.

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