A Day in the Life of a Yeti Assistant

A Day in the Life of a Yeti Assistant

A typical day for our Yeti Assistants starts early to be fully prepared for the fun-filled day ahead.  First the sign in at the hotels, where the parents bring their excited little Yetis down to the boot room for the start of their ski day.

After helping the Yetis with their ski boots, helmets, Yeti bibs, gloves and all the rest, it is a quick goodbye to the parents, then on the bus together for the short drive to the slopes.

Waiting there are the Yeti Ski Instructors, equally excited to see the little adventurous Yetis as they approach in single file guided by the Yeti Assistants. Then the Yetis are split into their ski groups depending on their ability and age before heading up the mountain with one Yeti Assistant and qualified Ski Instructor per group.

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The qualified ski instructors are the ones who teach the children to ski, with constructive corrections to their technique so they get better and better each year. The youngest Yetis usually start without poles but it's incredible how quickly they gain confidence and before you know it they're racing in single lines down red and sometimes the cheeky black run.  The Yeti Assistants are there for the safety of the children, to help the kids get up if they fall over, to supply yummy biscuits and a drink of water when they get tired and, most importantly, they're there to foster an environment where each child can thrive and enjoy their time on the slopes with their new friends. 


After a morning of non-stop skiing and fun, its time for lunch. This is when the entire Yeti cohort meets en masse at a mountain restaurant. The Yeti Assistants help get all the young Yetis ready for a delicious and healthy lunch and try very hard to minimise the mess. Powder Byrne Yeti trump cards are always a big hit at lunchtime, with the Yetis and Assistants going head to head to win the top trump title!


After lunch its time for even more action-packed fun on the slopes in the afternoon. More adventures in the snow include taking a detour through the snowy forests on little tracks, finding small jumps and, if there is time, having the occasional snowball fight! When the day is done the Yeti Assistants return with exhausted Yetis by their side to the bottom of the slopes to be quickly whisked back to their warm hotels for sign out and probably a nice swim in the hotel pool. 


However it’s not over just yet for the Yeti Assistants! We write up feedback sheets for each of the Yetis in the group, explaining all the brilliant activities of the day, ski runs taken and anything special to mention, and pass this on to the Ski Guides to report back to their eagerly awaiting parents during their evening visits.

Then at around 6pm it's time for Yeti supper at the hotels where all the kids can get together for a yummy dinner and to hang out with their Yeti Assistants before bedtime. On two exciting evenings a week, there is a kids movie night where all the Yetis can watch a fun film together with their beloved Yeti Assistants.


Being a Yeti Assistant is demanding work but it is so rewarding to see the incredible progress in their skiing throughout the week and get to know the fun little Yetis. By the end of the week it is very hard to say goodbye, for the Yetis and the Assistants! On the upside, there's the chance you may see them again next year to continue the Yeti fun.

To find out more about the Yeti Programme, click here or call 020 8246 5300.