Learn to Ski with Yeti Primer

Learn to Ski with Yeti Primer

Yeti Primer is the ultimate introduction to skiing for 3-4 year olds. We combine fun morning sessions on the nursery slopes with afternoons enjoying activities on the snow and in our pb crèche to create the perfect balance between time on skis and time to play.

Energetic 3-4 year olds are always super excited about their first ski holiday, but when the reality of snowy slopes, unfamiliar skis, boots and other equipment sets in and the prospect of hours spent skiing with a toddler between your legs, you could be forgiven for thinking they would be better off in a crèche or with a nanny while you enjoy the slopes. This is where our unique Yeti Primer programme comes in.

Our Yeti Primer teams are all qualified and experienced in teaching young children and introducing them to skiing for the first time. They use playful aides and games to help make the learning experience fun, enjoyable and undaunting for all our Yeti Primers in short morning sessions on the nursery slopes.

Yeti Primers are encouraged to get used to the feeling of moving around on the snow in skis and boots before they are introduced to the ‘magic carpet’ conveyor belt lift and helped to ski down the gentle slopes.

A couple of hours on skis is enough to tire out little legs, so after a healthy lunch their afternoons are spent in and around our pb crèche, building snowmen and playing games in the snow, or enjoying arts and crafts, singalongs and storytime.

Our Yeti Primer programme is a fantastic and fun introduction to skiing for little, ensuring their first memories of skiing are happy ones and the ideal preparation when they graduate into our Yeti programme for 4-9 year olds, their perfect next step on skis.

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