What is a Yeti?

What is a Yeti? A simple question but for someone who has never travelled with us before this would be a tough one to answer.

Well, a Yeti is one of our littlest clients, aged from 4 to 9 years, who is enrolled in our Yeti children’s programme. We place them in groups that suit their current ability and then the winter fun really begins.

On the first day of your holiday you’ll accompany the kids down to the hotel boot room, where our Yeti Assistants will help them get booted up. Ready and raring to go, the kids then set off. We shuttle them down to the meeting point and assign them into groups depending on their ages and abilities. These groups do change in the first day or so as we assess each child’s ability. This is to make sure they are safe on the slopes, have an amazing time and progress as quickly as possible.

Each Yeti group has a qualified ski instructor who ensures they learn, progress on the slopes and become better skiers, as well as a Yeti Assistant  to look after them and make sure they have lots of fun! The assistants also supervise lunches on the mountain, Yeti suppers in the evening, DVD nights and babysitting, on request.

After enjoying a successful week on the slopes with us, on the last day we put on a Yeti race for all the kids. This is lots of fun for the kids and it's always a very well-received opportunity to show their parents how much they've improved during the week. The children all cheer each other on enthusiastically during the races and , of course, during the awards ceremony, in which some well deserved medals are dished out! The parents are also treated to some delicious treats to add to the festivities.

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Hopefully this gives you an idea of what being a Yeti is all about. Being one of our most popular children's ski programmes, we’ve seen children grow through the ranks of Yeti Primer and Yeti, to become SnoZoner’s and PB Academy skiers, all the way through to our Piste 2 Profession course, where they train to become BASI ski instructors. We're very proud that some of our ski instructors started off as Yetis! 

For parents, the Yeti programme gives you the chance to relax and enjoy the pistes with our Powder Byrne ski guides while you revel in the knowledge that your children are having fun, and being taught how to ski by the very best instructors and Yeti Assistants.

To find out more about our Yeti programme, click here or call our travel consultants 020 8246 5300