PB Football Academy, Elba

An insight into our PB Football Academy: A fantastic active programme based in Elba

PB Football Academy is an exciting children’s summer programme for football fans and has been designed for those children who are looking to progress their current football skills, as well as introduce those who are new to this fun sport. This action-packed programme is aimed at children 8+ years. This is the perfect programme for children who have an interest in football, as they will cover a range of football skills, including ball control, passing, dribbling, tackling and kicking. The programme is overseen by our PB Football Manager and is run by a FA-qualified coach. The academy will develop each child’s confidence and sportsmanship – in addition they will make a group of new friends! At the end of the week they will participate in a football match and receive their own medal.

The academy runs 5 days a week from 10am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday. For those families who want their kids to get involved as much as they can, they are able to join TheZone or Scallywags programmes on top of the PB Football Academy. This allows them to join other kids for lunch, supervised suppers and a take part in a full day of sports on Sunday!

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