Entertaining Kids on Long Haul Flights

Entertaining Kids on Long Haul Flights

Flying long haul with kids for a Powder Byrne Air&Space Adventure is ever a daunting prospect, but here are some top tips for making those plane hours just fly by.

1. Get on board first & settle in

If you’re travelling with kids, you’ll get a boarding call before everyone else does, so definitely do take advantage of the opportunity to get the kids settled in before the plane aisles become cramped with adults trying to find their seats and stow their bags. We always recommend that you try your hardest to keep them out of their seats and running around for as long as possible before they board the plane so they feel like they deserve their seat! It’s also a good idea to take them to the toilet as close to boarding time as possible so as to (hopefully!) give you some peace in your seat before any bathroom breaks.

2. Prepare body clocks

Try and book a flight at a regular time that is in sync with the kids’ body clocks. If it was a time they should be in their natural sleeping pattern then let them and try to make them sleep on the plane, get them into their favourite PJs, read them a story in their seat, bring along their favourite cuddly toy and a small receiving blanket and try to keep to your normal bedtime routine as much as possible.

3. Stock up your iPads/Kindles

If you can’t fly overnight, one of the best ways to keep the kids entertained is to bring their Kindle, iPod or tablet, stock it up with some new games, books or apps so that they’ll have the novelty of something new to do. Many planes now have seat back chargers, which is fantastic, but we suggest bringing a portable charger with you, fully charged of course, so you don’t have any trouble with batteries running low.

Of course, the old fashioned way of keeping kids occupied with a good old game of eye-spy is still a great option! Or, if this doesn’t interest them, ensure you pack colouring books, puzzles, sudoko, or a pack of cards.

4. PJ's or comfy clothes

Dress the children in comfortable, loose fitting, breathable clothes so they aren’t irritated for the duration of the journey. There is nothing worse than tight trousers that won’t let you get in a comfy position to sit or sleep, let alone trying to deal with them in a cramped plane-sized bathroom. Also remember to pack layers as planes can get a bit chilly. It’s always good to have a blow up cushion on hand to support your own or their neck, but don’t feel afraid to ask the flight attendants for an extra pillow or blanket as they’ll be stocked up on all long haul flights.

5. Graze to Distract

Bring snacks for the children to graze on throughout the journey because, for a lot of them, airplane food won’t cut it. Gum is great for older kids during take off and landing, and remember to save your liquid purchasing for after security!

And, if you’ve got a brand new flier, it’s a good idea to make sure that seat pocket is stocked with a sick bag.

For more information on your pre-flight needs and itinerary do contact your Powder Byrne Travel Consultant on 0203 6511 965.