A Swiss Ski Debut in Grindelwald

A Swiss Ski Debut in Grindelwald

I spent 22 years of my life in India and growing up in India meant sunny days and warm weather every single day. The nearest place where it snows is 1,500 miles away from my hometown, so as a child I always wanted to discover the snowy mountains and learn more about winter sports. 

After joining Powder Byrne, I discovered the amazing town of Grindelwald in Switzerland. Powder Byrne initiated its business in Grindelwald in 1985, so for PB staff "Grindy", as they call it, is a very special place. Visiting Grindelwald was a breathtaking experience for me. It’s located around 2 hours from Basel Airport with amazing accessibility via the Swiss Train Network. There are 213km of ski runs and the town is perfectly located in the valley with incredible views of the Eiger, Monch and Wetterhorn. It was just the perfect location for our weekend break.

This was a very exciting trip for me as it was my skiing debut. We booked beginners lessons in the Bodmi Arena where our instructor taught us the basics of skiing. We found it a little difficult in the morning but, once we got the hang of it, we didn't want to stop. We kept improving our skills throughout the afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience. 

The next day we took the mountain railway and visited Kleine Scheidegg, which is a mountain pass between Eiger and Lauberhorn at 2,061m. We hired sledges and sledged down right until the base, which was a thrilling experience.

Looking back at the trip, Grindelwald was a stunning experience and we would definitely go back again for more skiing and more sledging. Now I can completely understand why Powder Byrne chose Grindy as their first skiing destination. It is just astonishing!

P.S. You can tell I'm a beginner as I'm holding the Skis the wrong way in the photo ;)

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